We chose the name “Vela” because wind power has propelled human advancement throughout history and into the future.


Argo Navis


Brush’s 1888 Wind Turbine


Air Convection and Temperature Currents

In ancient Egypt, velum sails sent boats gliding up and down the Nile. In Greek mythology, the constellation Vela guided Jason and his Argonauts through heroic adventures and to glorious treasures. In Persia and China, windmills rotated around a vertical axis to irrigate crops and grind grain. Later mediterranean engineers flipped the design onto its side for more efficiency and higher power, which helped Europe escape the Dark Ages. A century later, Charles F. Brush invented the first windmill to produce electricity which provided his entire home and its twelve batteries with continuous renewable energy for over twenty years. Today, wind power serves us as the most cost-effective and scalable form of renewable energy.

The sun heats the Earth’s atmosphere which then enables air to move by way of convection, which transfers the Earth’s surface area heat from low pressure to colder, higher pressure air in the stratosphere. These differential pressures and their resultant movements are the scientific description of our most apparent geological anomaly: wind. Friction against the ground and vegetation dramatically slows air movement, creating winds that are typically much weaker than if unobstructed at greater heights. However, major topographical features such as mountains accelerate these currents, thus North American winds sweep from the Rocky Mountains across the Great Plains, creating a vast and constant corridor of wind power. As renowned American oil and gas billionaire T. Boone Pickens puts it, “North America is the Saudi Arabia of wind power.”

Vela Gear Systems is a manufacturing company equipped to streamline the growing US wind industry by supplying and repairing gear components for such large, energy-harvesting turbines. In addition to serving America’s growing demand for wind energy, VGS repairs and manufactures large scale gears over a wide variety of industries such as drilling equipment, locomotive gearboxes, construction machines, and more, all the while creating jobs for people here in the United States, buying and using top-quality American steel, and utilizing cutting-edge, multi-faceted machine tools in our “one-stop-shop.”

The founders of Vela Gear Systems have a combined 100+ years of experience working with the legacy gear manufacturers in North America and have set up the only serial production facility in the United States based upon the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing for large industrial gears. Combining this wealth of experience, the hard work of midwestern machine operators, world-class machine tools and grade-A quality American steel, Vela Gears Systems provides the highest quality and scale production for the wind industry and beyond–here in North America, for North America, with the most advanced and cost-effective manufacturing available.

The heart of America’s wind turbine is here in Vela Gear Systems.